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Appalachian Album

Appalachian Album is a 202 page collection of stories and photographs taken from over fifty years of my work in the Southern Appalachian region. It is a fine quality coffee table type publication printed to the highest quality standards.

What others are saying about “Appalachian Album”


“Having done some time in Virginia with the Carter’s and the Cash’s and many of the less notorious, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip through your book. As a “piece” it struck me as being novelistic. The epilogue constituted a happy ending.

Tom T. Hall
Franklin, TN


“In my opinion this is one of the finest works of photography of the Appalachian region that I have seen come into our Library in the past 23 years. It portrays our lifestyle with unflinching honesty and integrity, both the poverty and the beauty of our lives. I was especially moved by the dignity and care with which Mr. Carter approached his subjects. Too often photographers (and especially those working in the Appalachian area) treat their subjects with condescension and pity. I found no hint of that in this work, only honest care and interest. Bravo to Mr. Carter on a wonderful book which I am sure will be a valuable asset to our collection.”

Carolea Newsome
Acquisitions Manager
University of Virginia-Wise



“You are to be commended for such a powerful masterpiece!
you give them dignity and grace despite their surroundings.”


David Sieg
ZFX Productions
Asheville, NC